Candied Orange Raisin Panettone

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Carefully crafted with flour, water, sugar, egg yolk, honey, salt, butter, citrus essence, candied orange peel, raisins. The topping is made of sugar, almond, egg white, cocoa, flour, cornstarch, pearl sugar.

Weight: 1kg

10-12 Servings

One month shelf life

Make it a complete holiday gift with chocolates from renowned Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse (select option above)

Milk ganaches & pralinés 'à l'ancienne' Box

An assortment of bonbons from Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse that will delight the milk chocolate lovers. To our Single-Origin ganaches (Java, Peru, Madagascar), are added five flavored ganaches (Ginger, Tahitian vanilla, coffee, Passion fruit, Nut and honey almond paste) as well as two Pralinés 'à l'ancienne' (coconut, peanut).

Weight: 180g

21 pieces, 15 flavors

"Best eaten within 3 weeks of purchase"

Pralinés 'à l'ancienne' Box

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse Pralinés "a l'ancienne" are produced 'old fashioned-style'. These classics, with almonds and caramelized hazelnuts come in fondant and crunchy varieties. Recipes containing pistachios, peanuts, or roasted coconut marry tradition and originality.

Weight: 240g

27 pieces, 9 flavors

"Best eaten within 3 weeks of purchase"

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